Only 100% real human hair.

When creating our custom made hair pieces we use only the best materials, giving you a quality product that looks natural.  Our base materials are the 'cream of the crop.' They allow us to provide the best hair system. We start with the base and use only the latest technology and finest materials including Super Fine Swiss (SFS), French Lace, Artificial Skin, and Injected Lace. Bases using fine mono bases and mesh are 'yesterday's technology' and won’t look as natural or be as comfortable.  Be wary to waste your time and money on these.  And many suppliers provide only a lace front since it gives the most natural and undetectable hairline.  Since lace is the most natural material why not use it for the entire unit?  We do.
Our lace bases are all lace

TopLace also uses 100% real human Remi hair as opposed to synthetic hair for ultimate realism that is undetectable.  We use Remy Hair which is cut from one persons head. The hair is soft and smooth and doesn’t get the 'matted look' after you have washed it a couple of times. It is shiny and healthy looking.  

Remy Hair

TopLace Hair Replacement Systems use only 100% real human Remy Hair as standard from the factory.  Remy hair is cut from one persons head and is knotted in the same direction hair naturally grows with a texture that is silky soft and natural.  The outer hair surface is gently processed to keep the cuticle layer of the hair in place, resulting in a natural feel.  The result is superior hair quality that colors beautifully keeping the highlights and natural shading just like your own hair.

The most impressive advantage of Remy Hair is it is tangle-free and has a longer "life" cycle. The majority of human hair sold in the industry is non-cuticle hair meaning the hair cuticle has been stripped by an acid-bath. You’ll find that Remy hair is stronger but has a soft and finer feel to it ensuring that it lasts longer, keeps its vitality and elasticity, combs easier and curls better, than other hair.

Lace Front or All Lace Base Hair Pieces

Many hair replacement companies advertise that they use "lace front wigs" or "lace front hair pieces” but lace front pieces are just that…only the front. TopLace takes it even further, offering hair piece bases that are made entirely of lace, giving you the most undetectable option available on the market.

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