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Attachment & Removal

Place the unit on your head without any tape or adhesive.  Position the unit exactly where you want it. Make sure the back of the unit is in a straight alignment--not off to one side. Then mark the position with two small pieces of tape on your forehead.  Place the tape butting up next to the edge of the hairpiece.  This will give you a marker to position the unit.

Then apply the adhesive prepared unit (tape on the perimeter of the unit/glue on the perimeter of your bald area) after you have sprayed the tape/glue with Lace Release or rubbing alcohol. Because of the alcohol, you have a little time to align the unit with the markers before the Lace Release/alcohol dries and the hold kicks in.   Then press down firmly with a towel.  Remove the markers. The Lace Release/rubbing alcohol will dry in about a minute and your unit will stay exactly where you placed it.  
Allow the bond to cure for 24 hours before you wash it.