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Hair System FAQs

Do I have to sign a contract or agree to buy a specific number of hair pieces?

No.  There are no requirements or contracts - buy only when you decide that you want to buy.  You'll get the same low price.  We are a cheap alternative to Hair Club where you'll be locked into contracts to buy multiple units and scheduled services.  

Do I need more than 1 unit?

It's a good idea to have a backup unit. Given the lead time to order a unit and the possibility of an emergency, we highly recommend having at least one backup unit to avoid being caught without a fresh unit.

Do you keep my specs on file for future orders?

Yes.  With our electronic ordering system you create a Personal Account with your own password. You can access that account to review the specs of prior orders and either order the same unit again or 'tweak' the specs on your last unit.  The same is true if you send in your order with the Printable Order Form--we  keep all your specs on file.   

How can I order a hair replacement system through the mail?

Ordering a hair piece through the mail is simple and easy.  Salons and hair clubs charge exorbitant prices for the simple process of making a template (some hair clubs don't even bother to make a template - they just modify a stock unit).  Then they charge you an astronomical price for the hair piece.  Ordering through the internet is quick and easy and all the steps are explained in our Printable Order Guide - you'll save hundreds of dollars on each order! And no pressure to buy or sign a contract!  Once the template is made you send it to Toplace along with your hair sample. After that it's just selecting a density, wave, hair length and base options. The process is simple and with electronic ordering now available on the website you only need to make 7 selections.

How can you do this for so much less than a hair club or salon?

We keep costs at a minimum since we don't have salons, a large staff, TV commercials, etc.  We deal directly with the factory in China and demand only the best quality.  Compare our units to ones costing $2,500 and more each from Richard Farrell.  We have many clients that regularly post on our forum that have been on a contract with a high priced salon or hair club and have switched to TopLace and saved thousands of dollars - and are happier with the quality of our hair pieces.

How do I get my hair piece styled?

You have several options.  We provide a list of experienced hair piece  stylists throughout the country - just find one near you.  Or you can ask your regular hair stylist if they are comfortable in styling a hair piece. You can also send your hair piece along with a photo of the hair style you'd like to our certified hair stylist, Debbie at Split Ends Salon.  She will style it and mail it back to you.  It will be fully styled with little or no blending needed.  Many of our customers swear by this service.   Debbie charges $45.   Don't forget to shampoo it before you have it styled in order to allow the hair system to 'relax.'

How do I know which base is right for me?

We list the advantages and disadvantages of each type of base online and in our Printable Order Guide.  Many customers tell us that with our low prices they like to try several types of bases and see for themselves which bases they like best.

How do I trim the base of a stock unit to fit me?

Stock Hair Systems are sized 8 inches wide by 10 inches long.  To cut the stock base to your required size, following these steps:

  • a) Place the stock hairpiece hair-down (base-up) on a foam mannequin head
  • b) Place your template, inside-out, on top of the stock hairpiece, being careful to line up the front of the template with the hairline
  • c) Pin down the template
  • d) Trace the outline of the template using a sharpie, marking the stock hairpiece base
  • e) Unpin the template and remove the stock hairpiece from the foam mannequin head.  Use cuticle scissors or an exacto knife to cut the stock hairpiece base.
How long can I expect a hair piece to last?

That depends on several factors including your lifestyle, body chemistry, frequency of washing, water hardness, etc.  Our clients have reported getting anywhere from one month to over a year with our units.  Under normal wearing conditions our customers typically get from 3-4 months from a unit before it's replaced.  But don't wait until the last minute to replace a unit.  Lead times for custom orders are 7-8 week (longer during holiday periods and sales) so place your order to allow for this.

How long will it take to receive my hairpiece after I mail in the template and hair sample and complete the Electronic Order Form?

Approximately 7-9 weeks.  Selecting Priority Processing moves your order ahead of other orders at the factory and reduces the time by about 6 days.  Selecting FedEx delivery also reduces the delivery time by up to 7 days on domestic orders.  All international orders are delivered via Fedex, UPS, or DHL depending on location.  


I'm with a hair club now - can you duplicate one of their units?

Yes.  We do this all the time.  Just send it in and we will have the factory make an exact duplicate.   Often we can make suggestions to make the unit better.   Please note that often the color of older unit has oxidized or faded so please include a fresh hair sample if possible.  The old unit will be returned to you along with your order.   Specs are kept on file for future orders.

What is electronic ordering?

We offer state-of-the-art technology that allows you the ability to custom design your unit from the privacy of your own home.  Just go to our website and select your specs from our drop down menus in the Order Section.  It's quick and easy.  You will get an email confirmation of your order including all specs.  You will also receive an email receipt confirming your payment.

What is your guarantee?

Toplace wants you to look your best.  If a unit is not right Toplace will remake or refund any custom system that is not made to your original specifications.  Toplace will fully refund the cost of a stock unit if it doesn't meet the customer's needs.  The customer will have 30 days upon receipt of the unit to return the unit to Toplace. The unit must be returned to us in the same condition in which it was received by the customer.  It cannot be cut-in, washed or worn.  The client is responsible for mailing the unit back and will apply insurance or any other tracking method desired.

Returns should be mailed to:


PO BOX 577

If sending via Fedex, UPS, DHL or other private courier a physical address is required. Please send to:



ORONO, MN 55356



What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or your PayPal account.  PayPal does our payment processing but they also process all credit card payments.  Your payments are secure with our Secure Credit Card Payment system.

What's the advantage to 'doing it yourself' versus going to a hair club or salon?

Plenty.  You'll save a ton of money!  Plus you'll be able to do your own maintenance whenever you need it - not when you're able to make an appointment and get in to a stylist.  There's no magic to attaching, removing and cleaning a hair piece.  Anyone can easily do it.  But hair clubs and salons don't want you to know how to do this---they want you to sign an expensive service contract.  With Toplace you're in control of the process - not someone else.

Where do I go for advice if I have a question?

You've got two excellent sources. First, Toplace has the largest public discussion forum for hair wearers in the world.  You can perform a search of your question on the forum and see answers from experienced hair wearers that will provide you with their own personal experience.  If you can't find anything pertaining to your question you can post the question yourself on the forum - and you'll have hair wearers around the world responding to your question.  Also, you can call 1-888-9TOPLACE or (1-888-986-7522) to speak to someone at Toplace to personally answer your questions.   Some competitors  don't have a toll free phone number--they just don't want to be bothered with customers' questions.   And some just answer  customer calls during weekday business hours.  Toplace answers your call 7 days a week--day or night.  If the line is busy just leave a voice mail for John and he'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Why Toplace?

Several reasons:

  • Best price - we keep our overhead low and pass the savings on to the customer. 
  • Best quality - we've selected only the best factory to provide our hair pieces. We use only human Remi hair that is both soft and healthy looking. Plus we've narrowed down the vast array of base styles to only the best and most undetectable - no need to experiment with inferior quality bases - because we don't offer them. 
  • Best Information - we provide all the information you need to order, maintain and clean your hair piece. Our Public Discussion Forum is the largest forum in the world dedicated exclusively to hair wearers. Posters from around the world post tips, suggestions, and recommendations for other hair wearers to learn and enjoy. These are real customers that have years of experience in wearing hair and not some so-called 'hair technician' that's never even worn a hair piece.
  • See our page Why TopLace for more information.
  • Recommended by the American Hair Loss Association.  
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