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Stock Unit

Super Fine Swiss Lace

Our most popular unit.  Super Fine Swiss lace is very thin but strong.  The base is translucent and will allow the color of your scalp to show through.  So realistic!  Go ahead--part your hair. Or comb back and expose the hair line.  It’s excellent!


Get the extra benefit of poly on the back and sides for strength and a smooth surface to attach tape or glue.   But yet get a realistic hair line that is lace.    The base is French lace which is similar to Super Fine Swiss lace but just slightly more sturdy--the difference is hardly noticeable.  Great stuff!


This artificial skin unit is a mainstay in our skin offerings.  It’s only .05 mm thick.  Very thin but strong.  It’s translucent like other bases which allows the scalp color to show through the skin.

New Generation

Amazing!  Also known as the TL 700 this is the thinnest skin in the world--only .03 mm!   You won’t find a base that’s thinner than this one.  And that’s why the hair line is so great--the base just disappears on the forehead so you can’t see it.   It costs a little more than other stock units but if you’re concerned about getting an undetectable hair line than this unit is for you.

Product Description:

Need a unit right away? Can't wait for a custom piece? Then a stock unit is your answer. A stock unit is a ready made unit that is available for immediate shipment. You pick the color and base material—either French lace or Thin Skin. All stocks units have the same following specs. The units are made of the same high quality as our custom units.

  • 8" x 10 "
  • 65% density (medium)
  • Freestyle Venting
  • 6" Hair Length—Real human Remi Hair
  • All bleached knots

*Stock units with gray in increments of 10% are available (i.e. - 10%gray, 20% gray, 30% gray). An additional 2-4 days for delivery

* More then 50% Gray? Please Contact Us

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