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TL100 Super Fine Swiss (SFS)

This lace is the finest lace available anywhere at any price. This unit is ultra light and disappears on the scalp. It is undetectable-- especially when your own natural oils are absorbed into the base and onto the hair. Other companies come up with fancy names for this same unit and charge over $2,500. We don't have a fancy name or a fancy price--it's Super Fine Swiss lace. Truly state of the art. Use tape or liquid adhesive to attach.

TL150 Super Fine Swiss (SFS)

Same as TL100 except with 3/4" poly on back and sides for easy attachment, removal and cleaning.

TL200 French lace

Stronger and not as delicate as SFS but disappears just as well. Feel the wind and the shower on your scalp. For extraordinary durability and undetectable appearance you can't go wrong with French lace. Great for any hair style. Use tape or liquid adhesive.

TL250 French lace

Same as TL200 except with 3/4" poly on back and sides for easy attachment, removal and cleaning.

TL300 ILace

Hair is "sandwiched" between two very fine layers of lace. This provides extra strength and knots are virtually invisible - hair looks as though it is growing right from the scalp! Perfect for lower densities where 'showing some scalp' adds the ultimate touch to a realistic look.  People with darker skin should request a darker color ILace.

TL400 PSB (Poly Skin Base)

A poly-urethane (artificial) skin piece with each hair individually injected into the base. This is another unit that other suppliers dream up fancy names for and charge a mint. This skin is super thin and 'vacuums' to the scalp--minimal adhesion is needed. If you want a system that offers easy clean up, removal and attachment and looks fantastic--this is it!

TL500 3" Super Fine Swiss (SFS) Front Plus a French Lace Base.

The best of both worlds! A virtually invisible SFS front plus the strength and durability of French lace. Works with any hair style--great for exposing the hairline! It's a steal at this price!

TL550 3" Super Fine Swiss (SFS) Front Plus French Lace Base

Same as TL500 but with 3/4" poly on back and sides for easy attachment, removal and cleaning.

TL600 Exercise Base

This one was designed for an active person that works-out, jogs, swims,  'plays hard' or is involved with any type of strenuous physical activity. The center is French for strength and durability.   3/4" poly surrounds the lace (recessed 1/2" in front for a realistic hairline) and provides a smooth surface for glue or tape so you get a solid attachment that will last through hours of sweating and hard workouts. 

TL 700 New Generation

We've talked about it — now here it is! This base is called the TL New Generation.  That's a good name because it really is a New Generation — it's the latest state-of-the-art base. This is the thinnest artificial skin base available anywhere--at any price!  Our TL 400 PSB is a very thin .06 mm thick---the New Generation is .03 mm.  This base is an extremely fine latex.  Don't worry about the hairline — it's so thin it just "disappears".

TL 800

Ultra Lace!   There is absolutely no finer lace than this.   Finer than even Super Fine Swiss lace.  It is the ultimate in lace—virtually weightless.  The color is translucent like our other laces so it allows the color of your scalp to show.  But where it’s different than the other laces is in its fine, delicate structure.  It is so fine that it pushes the boundaries of the lace material. 

This lace is so fine that you can only use a medium light or less density on it. 60% is the maximum density.   It’s just too fine to hold any more hair.  So this material is excellent for those of you that use a lighter density.  If you density is over 60% then Super Fine Swiss lace or French lace is your best choice.  But if your density is 60% or less than this lace is the best you’ll ever find anywhere.   Undetectable, comfortable, invisible---the best.  That’s why it’s called Ultra Lace.

TL 850

Same as above only with ¾” poly on the back and sides for easy attachment.

$489.00 + shipping

We can make a full cap unit (covers the entire head including sidbeburns and nape of neck) for $479.00 plus shipping. This includes up to 6" of 100% real human hair.  We will need a template and color number (or hair sample if possible). Contact us to learn more!

About Lace

Lace is the most undetectable material used in hairpieces these days. Once placed on your scalp, there is no discernable netting to signal that the hair on your head is not the hair you were born with. The Lace foundation disappears as it touches your skin.

SFS Super Fine Swiss Lace (SFS)

This is the thinnest and most delicate lace available and virtually undetectable.

French Lace

More durabale than (SFS) Super Fine Swiss Lace and almost as undetectable.

Most breathable
Lightweight and comfortable
Lightweight and comfortable

About Lace + Polystrip

Thin skin poly strip is used around the back and sides of Lace bases so glue or tape can be applied.  It is very thin and difficult to detect it with touch.  

Smooth surface for tapes and glues to adhere to.
Lightweight and comfortable

About PSB Polyskin

This base is constructed of a thin layer of skin whereby the hair is inserted in pre-determined angles to replicate the lift and naturalness of real hair.  More durable, resistant and stronger material than Super Thin Skin (TL 700) and can be used for light to heavy hair densities. Injected hair into poly skin does look very natural.  The translucent base allows the color of your scalp to show.

Easy maintainance with tapes and strong adhesives
Accepts light to heavy hair densities
Ideal for extended wear
Long life span (1-2 years)