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TopLace Hair Replacement

TopLace offers top quality hair replacement products for men and women starting at $279.
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TopLace is a different kind of hair replacement business. Our top priority is not to make as much money as possible by gouging our customers.

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TopLace hair pieces use only 100% real human Remi hair and the most natural and thinnest bases in the world.

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From our Blog

What’s the hardest thing about wearing a Hair Piece? Believe it or not, just making the decision to go ahead is the toughest part!

Let’s be honest, telling your girlfriend or boyfriend that you wear a hairpiece takes not just courage, but correct timing in a relationship. Clearly, confessing that you wear a hairpiece isn’t something you spontaneously tell your partner. Wearing a hair system is like women using make-up or dyeing their hair because these products enhance the user’s appearance. A few weeks ago, forum user emery said that his relationship with his girlfriend “is getting serious” and he will be proposing to her very soon; however, he wears a hairpiece and needs to know when and how to confess this secret.

Our male-pattern baldness and hair piece forum is a great way for us to know which questions men ask about wearing a toupee / hair piece. Can you style it? Can you color it? What should you do if you’re considering adjusting your hairline next time round? New wearers want to know to what extent they can adjust their hair piece so that it not only covers up the balding areas but still reflects their personal style.