Male pattern baldness: Making a Unit Work Perfectly For You

October 28, 2016
Male pattern baldness: Making a Unit Work Perfectly For You

Our male-pattern baldness and hair piece forum is a great way for us to know which questions men ask about wearing a toupee / hair piece. It’s super-cool to see our forum members helping each other out with great advice. We see quite a lot of questions about adjusting a toupee. Can you style it? Can you color it? What should you do if you’re considering adjusting your hairline next time round? New wearers want to know to what extent they can adjust their hair piece so that it not only covers up the balding areas but still reflects their personal style.

Can you color it?

Your toupee is color-matched already, but…

If you want to color your natural hair, you may need to color your hairpiece too. Paul In Ireland shared pics of his new hair color. The color came out well on Paul’s topper, but he says his natural hair: “turned into a kind of coppery-brown rather than the shade I wanted” and he had to adjust that. Other guys don’t report the same issue, so the product may be to blame.

Mickyblueyes has some cool tips for coloring that you can check out. He says he uses regular Wella, an inexpensive dye, every 6 weeks.

Can you style it?

How about an ultra-modern look? Guys are getting creative!

You certainly can style your hairpiece, and it’s pretty much the same thing as styling your regular hair. Kevinwholder remarks that the new styles with the full, longer hair on the crown and the very short back and sides lend themselves very well to wearing. Looking at the images he posted, we agree that the marked contrast between top and sides means less hassle with transition, but you’d better make sure your attachment is good because there isn’t much natural hair to cover up if there’s a gap between the two.

Can you cut it?

Do you want versatility? You’ve got it!

If you think it’s time for a change in your haircut, you have nothing to worry about. A good hairdresser can just cut your toupee along with your natural hair, and even if there’s more scalp showing, it’ll look perfectly natural. We shared a pic on the forum from a Toplace customer to show how natural a short cut can look: cool huh?


Can you keep a slightly recessed hairline?

There are many more ways to customize! Your hairline is one of them.

Young Lace worried about drastic changes to his appearance: “I want to avoid going from someone who is visibly losing their hair to someone who has a full hairline with no loss,” he said. Again, no problem. We suggested that he could play around a bit with placement. That way, he can see how bringing his hairline down a bit would look if he opts for a subtle change to a lower hairline with his next toupee or hair club system.

The bottom line: male pattern baldness, toupees, and adjustments

What’s the experience of people who wear?

When you had a full head of hair, it still looked a little bit different every day. Sometimes it grew a bit. Sometimes you changed the style slightly. So, playing around with your hairpiece and natural hair combination is really the same kind of thing. Your instincts will tell you what works and what doesn’t. Using a toupee to cover male pattern baldness doesn’t mean you can’t change your look from time to time – just as you did before.


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October 28, 2016
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