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About Us

About Us

TopLace is a different kind of hair replacement business. Our top priority is not to make as much money as possible by gouging our customers.

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Success Stories

Just received my system today. All I can say is: Richard Farrell, JA Alternatives, Hair Club and any other "hair replacement
salon" will soon be a thing of the past! I have been a Farrell customer for over 6 years and paid thousands of dollars for my units.TopLace is as good and as undetectable and for thousands less!! I will be ordering another unit in 2 weeks.
Thanks soooo much! Customer for life!


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Why order from TopLace?
Compare with
Compare this our $195 hairpiece ....
..with this well known <b>$2,600 hairpiece
Our Toplace hairpiece at $249
...with this well known $2,800 hairpiece

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